our mission

To Multiply Kingdom Communities

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave authority and power to the church to accomplish his mission - to make the nations disciples. Not just a few people in the nations, but the nations themselves. Our goal is to multiply communities of people everywhere who use the authority and power of Jesus to accomplish his goal.

our vision

The Transformation of Society through the
Message and Power of Jesus Christ

World transformation begins with individual salvation. Transformed people transform society and we understand from the gospels that the best way this is achieved is through the breaking in of God’s kingdom into our lives; the signs of God's kingdom are healing, release from spiritual bondage, miracles, spiritual gifts and, most significantly, salvation. Salvation provides access to God, a place in his family, life after death and a role in his continuing mission on earth - that all peoples will know him and praise him eternally.



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Network Vineyard
Church Office

Woodley Hill House
Eastcourt Avenue
Reading, RG6 1HH

tel: 0118 966 2007


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Reading Campus
Sunday 9:30am & 11:30am
Woodley Hill House
Eastcourt Avenue
Reading, RG6 1HH

Bracknell Campus
Sunday 10:30am
The Brakenhale School
Rectory Lane
RG12 7BA